Lighting Design & Rental


We offer affordable rental solutions perfect for any entertainment or corporate setting. Our lighting rentals and production services include all of the common lighting styles:

Corporate event lighting, concert lighting, stage lighting, ballroom lighting, dance floor lighting, architectural lighting, fashion show runway lighting, wedding, ambient, and theme lighting.

Available brands we carry: High End Systems, Grand MA, Elation, Coemar, Martin, ETC Source Four, Chauvet, Alkalite, Clay Paky and more.


Aluminum box truss, pipe and drape, projectors, screens, LCD monitors, Spandex backdrops, LED walls and hazers round out the many rental options we have available. Our lighting designers will work with you to accentuate every desired detail of your production with the perfect lighting touches and effects.

All of our gear is maintained and prepared at our facility to ensure that it gets to your event working perfectly every time.


ATS Event Services creates vivid textures and patterns. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary utilizing the latest in beam shaping techniques and gobo patterns!

Choose from a wide variety of fixtures like Martin Mac, Elation Power Wash, Elation Power Spot, Elation Design Beam, Platinum 7R and 14R types.


From incandescent fixtures, like Par 64s, Lekos, and Fresnel’s to LED color wash up-lights and moving-head intelligent lighting. We have what it takes to make your event shine and a talented staff of lighting designers to program every scene on state of the art lighting consoles.

Give us a call today to discuss your next event and let ATS Event Services help you create the perfect atmosphere.


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