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ATS Event Services is leading the way in sound system rentals, event staffing and production services for corporate events, concerts and festivals, fundraisers, weddings, convention trade shows, college and state universities, fashion shows and sporting events.

Count on our experienced team to handle the technical details while you focus on the big picture. Our talented staff will manage your production needs from the ground up!


Competitive pricing on everything from self-powered speakers to line arrays and more. All rental packages have been designed using the best components and have been tuned at our facility with Smaart Live to insure it arrives at your event ready to use.

In addition to our proprietary speaker enclosures built by Schubert Systems, Flag Systems and Blackhurst Stagegear, we carry other popular brands: JBL, EAW, Meyer and QSC. When you need point source or line arrays, passive or powered, we have the right speakers to suit any application. Get the coverage you need at the right price guaranteed.


Rent our digital or analog consoles, from small to large format, available brands include: Midas, Avid, Yamaha, Digico and more. Choose from our newest top industry microphone brands, like Shure and Sennheiser. Wireless available in hand held, lapel and Countryman E6 head worn microphones.

While much of the rental industry has shifted to a digital domain, we understand there will always be a market for not only high-end analog consoles, but vintage analog processing gear as well. Inquire about our inventory of state of the art analog processing gear.



All large sound system rentals feature our custom built amplifier racks, patch panels and cabling, which makes set up a real snap.

Sound systems require real power. Rent power distros or sound packages that include our proprietary A.C. power distros and generator rentals.

We may also be able to fulfill your backline order if you are hosting an artist or artists whom require specific band equipment rentals.

Top brands include: Midas, Yamaha, Avid, Crest, Lexicon, Shure, Klark Teknik, Drawmer, BSS, Ashly, DBX, QSC, AKG, Audix, Amek Recall, Korg, Roland, DW, Pearl, Ampeg, Nord, Hammond, Fender, Marshall and Whirlwind USA to name a few.

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