Stage & Truss Rental

If you need to rent a complete stage or individual stage decks to make a Runway or any other configuration, we supply some of the strongest stage decks and components built by Steeldeck©. These modular stage decks have some of the highest safety standards and load capacities of any professional deck available. Individual decks are available in the following sizes, 2’ X 8’, 4’ X 4’ and 4’ X 8’. The height can be measured in feet and further adjusted with BilJax brand screw jacks to easily compensate for uneven ground or slopes.


A variety of siding materials are available ranging from pleated skirts and duvetyne to hard surface siding and smooth top material for trade shows and runway use. Many options of stairs, safety rails and ramps are configurable to meet your needs. Our box truss and roof systems are manufactured by Show Solutions©. A variety of scrim rooftops and backdrops are available to suit your needs.


ATS Event Services will guarantee that your job gets done right and with the greatest detail and attention to public safety. These staging products meet the highest safety standards in the industry and our skilled staff will get you up and running quickly. Call and speak with one of our professionals to get your quote started today.


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